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  • Elegant design with authentic granite look and rock like texture

  • Made from roto-molded plastic that wont chip, crack or fade and BPA free

  • Comes with a high-quality brass spigot, corrosion-proof screen and bottom fitting attachment which allows for access to 100% of water in unit

  • Dual water overflows allow for water to sufficiently escape rain barrel when full and allow option for linking multiple rain barrels with Algreens linking kit

  • Decorative planter feature

    Model: 86312

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Algreen’s Athena 50-Gallon Rain Barrel is a lovely addition to your home. It is beautifully designed to give you the classic look of ceramic with the ease and durability of plastic. Save money and help conserve water with this rain barrel made of roto-molded plastic which is able to withstand harsh temperature changes and wont chip, crack or fade. Included is a high-quality brass spigot that adds to the elegance of this rain barrel as well as a shut-off nozzle and corrosion proof screen guard. All Algreen Rain Barrels are equipped with two overflows to allow for linking multiple barrels or installing the rain barrel with an Algreen Deluxe Diverter Kit. Collect water for your grass and flower gardens as well as water for washing your car. The Athena is compatible with the Algreen Rain Barrel pump kit for pressurized watering to your garden. Made in Canada.
UPC: 067151863120